Upgrading a PC Power Supply Unit

I had issues with an Antec High Current Gamer PSU, I had a spare and whilst it worked, it was noisy and not very efficient. So I got a BeQuiet 430w PSU to run my ubuntu PC.

Here it is unboxed:

I removed the temporary one and installed the new one…

Here is the back of the motherboard tray, I had an extension cable for the four pin CPU power so I could route it behind the tray to help airflow in the case.

Up and running fine and very quiet, the cables are not sleeved, but who cares it seems to be great so far…

Heres the link to the PC build post


Making an eye dropper pen

Take one cheap fountain pen, remove the cartridge. Apply PTFE (teflon) tape winding opposite to the thread of the barrel, then fill with ink and an eye dropper pen! I haven’t used ‘O’ rings that some people seem to use, PTFE seems just fine on its own.

These Preppy pens, are very good everyday fountain pens, converting them to eye droppers, whereby you use the barrel to hold the ink rather than a cartridge or converter means it can hold loads of ink, writes better and is cheaper than buying cartridges. Mainly though it looks good.

Idea from here

Building an Ubuntu PC

I wanted to build my own pc and run linux that I have used on an HTPC for some time. This will be a cheap way into PC building and hopefully provide a good general use machine.

Kit List

  1. Case – NZXT source 210
  2. CPU – Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.8ghz
  3. Motherboard – with HDMI and DVI- Gigabyte B75
  4. RAM – 8GB Corsair 1600mhz (will run slower due to CPU)
  5. SSD – OCZ Agility 4 128GB
  6. HDD – WD Green 1tb from old external drive  (not yet fitted)
  7. USB Stick – for installing Ubuntu
  8. PSU – 80%+ – Antec High Current Gamer 400w – to be replaced by Bequiet 430w
  9. Speakers – Logitech x120
  10. Keyboard and mouse – have already
  11. Monitor – Dell 21” – have already
  12. 3.5” to 2.5” drive convertor – For SSD installing in a standard drive bay
  13. Optical Drive – Not needed this is 2012
  14. SATA cables

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Building a Storage Shelf Unit

I needed some shelves to store the accumulated junk that collects in a garage so to give some room to still make things.

The storage unit was constructed from CLS 2×3” and 12mm MDF. The CLS is more than adequate in strength and the MDF will provide a nice flat surface for the shelves.

I got the 2 full MDF sheets cut into five pieces each so I ended up with 10 pieces approx 485mm by 1220mm. By placing two piece side by side I will have a unit with five shelves 2.4m long with no waste.

CLS Timber 2×3”

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