Building Airing Cupboard Shelves

I made some shelves for the airing cupboard. Constructed from 2×1″ PSE. Very simple construction just 2×1″, wood glue, screws and Danish Oil.

Shelves laid out prior to fixing some shorter to accommodate plumbing.

Once the 2 shelves were complete, I sanded and finished with Danish oil to protect the wood and to improve finish.

Then I moved onto the supports, I have kept the shelves and supports separate so if access is needed for maintenance the shelves can be quickly and easily be removed.

I mitred the corners on the upright supports to improve the aesthetics. Scrap wood used when cutting to prevent tear out and keen a good edge.

Mitres fitted, the shelves slot onto the uprights fixed with one screw each to hold them in place and to make it easier to remove if needed for maintenance.

Final Result complete

Tumble dryer stand

I ordered a tumble dryer and wanted to make a stand with castors to make moving it easy as its going to be located in my workshop. I also wanted to add a worktop to protect the machine and provide somewhere to put stuff when working. So I gathered up the following materials:

  • x1 full sheet of 18mm MDF (only half was needed)
  • 2×3” CLS timber
  • Wood glue
  • Drywall screws (65mm and 42mm)
  • Danish Oil (j cloth/sponge and gloves to apply)
  • x4 75mm braked castors
  • m8 washers

Then after a few minutes on sketchup I produced this:

I set the top slightly back that the bottom to ensure access to the control panel on the machine was not obstructed.

To construct, first I got the MDF cut to the nearest mm at the local DIY centre taking the measurements from sketchup,  its quicker than trying to cut sheet materials well with a circular saw and more importantly I don’t have any decent dust extraction (MDF dust is not nice!).

Once I had the MDF panels cut I started with the base, I cut the 2×3” to size, added plenty of glue, clamped and used drywall screws to fix through the MDF into the 2×3”.

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