Car detailing – updated basic kit

Here is my basic kit list to keep a car in good shape, an update from this old post.


  • Wash mit – noodle mit (asda) get 2 – different colours! (one for wheels one for bodywork)
  • Drying towel – Asda (seldom available) or cyc loads of other traders on here. I would avoid the blue ones as I found they leak dye everywhere
  • White Spirit – Wilkinson, B&Q etc ect to remove tar as recomened by SAAB
  • Microfibre cloths – Asda kent cloths for messy jobs, windows and interior
  • Polishing cloths – Yellow MF polishing cloths from CYC amongst others
  • Buckets – Standard builders buckets £1 ea get 2 or 3 (I don’t bother with grit guards)
  • Spray bottles – (Wilkinsons) for diluted detail spray,  PERL and white spirit
  • Mini Spray bottles – (boots, Superdrug) – for diluting PERL 1-1 for tyres
  • Pump Sprayer – (wilkinson etc) great for APC mixed 10-1 for wheels etc
  • Wax applicators – Tesco baby sponges – these work great
  • Tyre dressing applicator – Dish sponges cut up
  • Detail Brush – great for cleaning badges, door shuts etc
  • Spray lithium grease (3in1) (Halfords etc)– for greasing door and boot hinges after washing


  • Shampoo – 3m shampoo (tesco), Zymol autowash (halfords)
  • Clay – sonus ultra fine (CYC amongst others) for cleaning engrained contaminants from paint – use with ONR at detail spray strength
  • Detail spray/bird bomb remover Optimum No Rinse (concentrated)
  • Tar remover – White spirit (Wilkison, B&Q etc) as recommenced by saab
  • Decon Gel – Wolfs Decon Gel (CYC and loads of other traders) to remove  iron-dissolving gel from wheels and bodywork
  • Polish/All in One – Carlack 68 NSC or Autoglym Super Resin Polish
  • Wax/Sealant – FK1000p (if a lighter colour) or Colli 845 if not (AG EGP if your halfords shopping) (Both FK and 845 are great on wheels as well)
  • Trim and Tyres – PERL (CYC amongst others) great trim, tyres, rubber, interior and leather dressing – concentrated
  • Window cleaner – 3m Foam window cleaner ((tesco) or astonish)
  • Optional – drying aid Demon Shine (asda amongst others) – great as a drying aid just dilute some in rinse water
  • APC – Stardrops (Wilkinson etc) great for wheels (nothing further needed if sealed) and everything else
  • Non Bio washing liquid (I use Tesco/Aldi own brand)- for washing MFs and mits (don’t use fabric conditioner) and add soda crystals if your in a hard water area – more details here

Below: Illustrated items are listed in bold above.

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Washing micro fibre cloths

Car Detailing: Washing Micro Fibre Cloths

To keep microfibre cloths at their best  –

  • Wash as soon as possible after use
  • Use non-biological washing liquid (not powder) (at about half the recommended dose) without fabric conditioner
  • I also add soda crystals to soften the water and wash at 40 degrees on a delicate wash setting.
  • Air Dry or tumble dry and box up to keep clean

Don’t wash cloths/applicator pads used to apply Sealant such as FK1000p in a washing machine as the wash will not remove the sealant and will leave solvent residue inside the machine. Wash new micro-fibre cloths prior to use to remove any dust or grit.