Free To Air Satellite Install

After seeing a review for a skybox f5 on the AVforums link, I decided I wanted some extra TV channels and more HD channels and a so following some purchases I had everything I needed (I also wanted a project):

  • Zone 2 sat dish with quad LNB £23.99 (I decided to get a larger zone 2 satellite dish as I had plans to add an additional 1 or 2 LNBs to the setup to receive more channels at a later date.)

The dish arrived with a Quad LNB

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Fixing a Macbook Pro

How to try to and fix an old macbook pro with a broken hard disk and recover the data from it.

This macbook pro had boot issues, whereby it just displayed the spinning disc logo endlessly. So something was broken. This particular macbook pro has a couple of other ailments, one being the DVD drive – it does not work. So after a little searching online I copied over the mac installer DVD disc that came with the macbook to an 8gb USB stick.

I then booted the macbook pro from the usb stick by holding the option key on boot and selecting the usb drive. It booted to the installer screen.

I navigated to disk utility and tried to repair the internal HDD under first aid. This did not work. I was reluctant to re-format the disk to reinstall as there was data on the disc that was needed. So I attached a spare USB hard drive (reformatted to mac extended journalled) and selected to install Snow Leopard directly to it.

The installation took 30 minutes ish and installed fine.

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Fixing a Leak in a Corsa C

A common problem on Corsa’s is a leak in the passenger footwell, this surfaced when I noticed a bit of water on the carpet, then when I started driving it seemed to start pouring into the car, obviously sat in the engine bay and then slushed into the footwell when the car started moving. This is usually caused by a perished seal on the BCM cover. Quick and easy to fix and I did not find any need to disconnect the battery or the windscreen scuttle as there is just enough room if your careful

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Raspberry PI

I picked up a raspberry pi to experiment with, here is the board in all its glory:

Its a tiny credit card sized linux computer, find out more info here. Its the Model B version with networking and with a CPU running stock at 700mhz.

I also picked up a case from Mod my pi and a 16gb Intergral class 10 SD card. Its powered by a micro usb PSU providing at least 700mA so I found an old blackberry charger that seems to be working fine. Once the HDMI cable and a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse I was ready to started playing. I downloaded the new operating system software from the Raspberry Pi website NOOBs (new out of box software) which includes a few different OS’s to choose from. I stuck with Raspian first which installed reasonably quickly and booted fine. Then I overclocked the pi to 800mhz (a “modest” overclock) by amending the config file to provide a bit of extra speed – this will not void the warranty and is super quick.

I am hoping to use it as a small energy efficient file server a bit like this.