SD Card File Recovery

After a visit to Silverstone Classic I uploaded all the photos and then formatted the card in the camera. I totally forgot about videos that were also shot. So being none too hopefully I looked online for software to try to recover them. I use a sony camera which shoots in AVCHD Format.

First call was Recuva, this software worked fast and recovered all the photos but not the videos – I already had them.

Up next was EaseUS Data Recovery, this worked and found the video files but only 1gb can be recovered with the free version, these files were in excess of this so the search continued.

Then I tried PhotoRec, this open source software runs in the terminal and works great. It’s reasonably easy to use, good online guide here. I set the options to find any file except .jpg as I had them already, it took a long time to scan the card but found all the videos from the day and dropped them into a folder.

PhotoRec is available on windows and Linux and worked a treat, interesting to note that the Recuva software recovered lots more photos that I was expecting, photos over a year old where the camera had been formatted multiple times but obviously data had never been overwritten.

Anyhow videos recovered, job done.

Sony PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade

After a bit of ebay loitering I managed to pick up a cheap ps3 superslim 12gb console, mainly as i’ve never really bothered with gaming at all. Anyhow £75 later I had a PS3 which was barely used and arrived with some games. Then after a bit more ebaying I picked up a collection of second hand games cheaply which all arrived.

Then after getting some more games I ran out of space on the ps3, so instead of just buying a 2.5″HDD, I bought an SSD for the server (link) and then moved the 2.5″ 500gb Hitachi HDD from the server into the PS3.

I had to get a bracket for the HDD, so  £3ish later this arrived.

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CPU Cooler Upgrade

See server build post here, as I thought I had encountered hardware issues, I swapped out the stock cooler with something a bit better. The Arctic Alpine 64GT rev.2 is a cheap (less than £10) upgrade and the larger fan should in theory be a little quieter and the bigger heatsink so be more efficient.

Here is the motherboard with stock cooler

The new Cooler

Cooler much bigger than the original

To fit, I just removed the old one, cleaned the CPU with isopropyl alcohol to remove the old thermal paste and clipped the cooler in. It arrived pre-applied with thermal paste.

Motherboard installed in the case

Job done, seems quieter and a temps are better.

Server Build

I wanted a server for a while to take care of streaming music, streaming films, backup documents, photo storage, print server and anything else I need. I avoided the cheaper generally low powered NAS’s (I have a raspberry Pi that could do that) and decided to essentially build another pc to perform these tasks. It would be more powerful and offer more functionality. It will however cost more to run and take up more space. But I was happy with that.

Kit List

  • AMD APU A6-6400K (second hand)
  • MSI motherboard A88XM-E35 – FM2 socket
  • 4GB Generic RAM – now upgraded to corsair 1600mhz 4GB
  • 500gb Hitachi HDD – now upgraded to 120GB PNY Optima SSD
  • Silverstone SST-PS08W (with USB 3.0) case
  • 1tb data hard drive (see post here)
  • OS – Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS
  • BeQuiet 350w 80+ power supply
  • Pioneer BDC-207DBK Bluray drive
  • Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 rev.2 CPU cooler
  • Arctic mx2 thermal paste
  • Isopropanol alcohol (for cpu cleaning)

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