Car Detailing

The world of car cleaning or car detailing can be a real mine field, to just keep a car clean and to protect it does not take too much time or cost too much, here’s an example basic car care kit:

Car clean kit

  • Shampoo: Triple wax car shampoo £2.69 (Wilkinson), 3m car wash soap £5.42 (Tesco) or Simoniz wash and wax £4.02 (Tesco)
  • Polish/All in One: Wilkinsons £2.19 or Asda Car Polish, Simoniz Max Wax (Amazon, Wilco) or Car lack 68 NSC £8.95 (CYC)
  • Wax: Many, many to choose from Turtle Wax extra gloss sealer wax is cheap, durable and easy to apply £9.99 (Halfords) or 3m performance finish £8.94 (Tesco) or Armorall shield £12 (online), Simoniz original wax (liquid) (Tesco) or a proper sealant such as Finishkare FK1000p £18 (CYC)
  • APC (All Purpose Cleaner): Stardrops £1.00 (Wilkinson and some supermarkets) dilute to 10:1 for most car use or Flash with Febreze £1.50
  • Spray Bottle for Stardrops: Wilkinson spray bottle £0.68 (Wilkinson)
  • Wash Mit: Wilko Supermit Chenille Wash Pad £2.50 (Wilkinson)
  • Wheel Cleaner: Astonish Wheel Cleaner £1.00 (Various)
  • Buckets x2 £1.00 = £2.00 (Wilkinson)
  • Window Cleaner: Astonish Car Window Cleaner £1.00 (Various)
  • Microfibre Cloth £0.95 (Wilkinson) or Kent MF cloths £4 (Asda)
  • Tesco Baby Sponge (to apply wax) £0.60 (Tesco)
  • Microfibre Drying Towel £3.00 (Asda) or Miracle Dryer £12.95 (CYC)

Total £26.60

Car Wash Tips:

  • Baby wipes can be used to clean interior dashboard etc
  • A soft paint brush can be used as a detailing brush – wrap the metal in insulating tape to prevent scratches
  • Stardrops All Purpose Cleaner is great for interior cleaning, wheels, paint and decals
  • Woolite clothes washing liquid cleans car mats and car seats really well – use warm water and a small brush
  • Cut up dish sponges makes excellent tyre dressing applicator
  • Wash MF cloths in non-biological washing liquid
  • Wash wheels first then move onto the rest of the car
  • White spirit removes tar easily (as recommended by SAAB)
  • Febreze is a cheap air fresher and odor eliminator
  • Never drag a drying towel over the paint, just dab lightly to remove water
  • A plastic cereal tub makes for a great car bin to avoid the accumulated rubbish
  • Use two buckets when washing, one for shampoo, one for rinsing then the grit and dirt will be kept out of the shampoo bucket and will hopefully avoid scratching
  • Baby sponges make for cheap wax applicators
  • WD40 removes sticker residue from dealership windows

NB: I do not recommend or endorse any of the suppliers listed above, its just a list of items. None of these are sponsored links.