Canon Hack Development Kit – CHDK – Canon A480

Unlocking the potential of canon cameras with CHDKwhat I used:
Canon A480 – Argos £59
Intergral SD Card 4GB – Argos £10
CHDK -Free
SDMinst application- Free

CDHK (Canon Developers hackers Kit) is software that’s works for a raft of canon cameras, it unlocks features and add many new options to even the most basic canon cameras. To investigate this further I nipped down to Argos and purchased an A480.

Setting up CDHK
Download the relevant CDHK version for your camera, for the A480 is easy as there is only one, I grabbed the full version. Unpack the download. Using an SD USB card reader plug in your SD card and grab SDMinst (link above), open this software and follow the guide on CDHK – format move files and make bootable. This software then crashed my mac so if you have a windows machine I would give this a miss and use card tricks – again more info at CDHK wiki.

Once you have the data on the card, lock the card by moving the little switch over, then install in the camera and turn it on by pressing Play. It should auto load and you will see the CDHK splash screen. Have a look about and check all seems to be working.

Then on with the main business, getting some scripts on the card to use. Navigate to CDHK wiki and sort through what you want to do – everything from motion detection, time lapse, remote usb capture, lightning detection etc etc.

The main reason I wanted to use CDHK was to make some time lapse films, for this usually you need a really good SLR camera and intervalometer. The intervalometer alone would set you back over £100. As i’m making the pictures into the films, the 10MP camera will be absolutely fine, I shoot pictures in widescreen mode and with this intervalometer script from:

To set up on the camera, copy the script from British Ideas and open text edit (check your in plain text mode – format, plain text) paste the text and save as – ensure that the suffix .LUA is used – remove the RTF suffix from the file. Save this file in the scripts folder of your card. You now should be good to go.

Navigate to the scripts parameters and select the new script, set parameters and start shooting!