Diddley Bow – Making Version Two

Here is the improved electric diddly bow

It uses a baked bean can, piezo element (link), hot glue, 14” mono jack socket (link), guitar string, 2×4” CLS, bolt, tee nut x2 and a guitar string. Sounds great through a guitar amp.

Construction Notes:

I cut down a piece of CLS 2×3” wood to a

comfortable playing size, then I drilled a hole right through the wood at one end the same size as the tee nuts. Then hammer in the tee nuts – one each side. Drill a small hole through the bolt (to anchor the string – see pictures). Then screw the bolt through the nuts to anchor it. Then move to the other end and drill a hole just big enough to get the guitar string through, countersink the reverse side to hide the ball of the string.

Then cut a piece of scrap wood and fix near the tee nuts, I glued it and used a couple of nails to hold. Then take a spare nut and bolt and hot glue gun them in place, this will keep the guitar string in place.

Add a dab of hot glue to the wires att

ached to the piezo element, then solder the piezo element wires to the mono jack socket, then onto the tin can, drill a hole the same size as the mono jack socket fix in with a little hot glue. apply plenty of glue to the piezo element and to the bottom of the tin

can and press well into the glue.

Glue the can to the wood and string the diddley bow, I use a screwdriver to tune the diddley bow, having tee nuts each size means the bolt is secured well and stays in tune. I added a dab of hot glue to the string to hold.

Version one here