Fixing a Leak in a Corsa C

A common problem on Corsa’s is a leak in the passenger footwell, this surfaced when I noticed a bit of water on the carpet, then when I started driving it seemed to start pouring into the car, obviously sat in the engine bay and then slushed into the footwell when the car started moving. This is usually caused by a perished seal on the BCM cover. Quick and easy to fix and I did not find any need to disconnect the battery or the windscreen scuttle as there is just enough room if your careful

First the old one needs to be removed – see the cover here to the right of the battery.

Undo the torx 20 screws at the front, remove the weather strip. Then continue to go round. The screws at the back are a challenge to remove but I used a small screwdriver from Mapin to sort that.

and to access the other torx screws I used this

One removed you will  it can be seen the seal on the old cover has perished and this is hopefully the entire problem. Fitting is the reverse of removal as Haynes would say.

Here’s the new one fitted

I got some poundland damp absorbers and left them in the footwell just to asborb any remaining water, however it looks like they have yet to absorb anything and the carpet seems dry.

Job done.