Adding a second LNB to a Satellite Dish

A Little later than expected, I have finally added an extra LNB to the set-up so I can receive a few more free to air channels. The first post detailing the set-up of the sat system is here

The finished install:

I have been running the Skybox F5 for quite a few months without issue, but I decided I wanted to add a second LNB to the set-up to get some extra free to air channels – specifically from 19.2E degrees so I could watch some continental TV and see the F1 free to air whilst still retaining the channels from 28.2E.

First, I removed the whole arm from the zone 2 sky dish, then I was able to remove the zinwell quad LNB and move it to create some extra space to allow the multi-LNB holder room to fit. I wrapped the LNB arm with some self Amalgamating tape to make the holder fit – the zinwell LNBs are slightly smaller than the 40mm multi LNB bracket.

Here’s the bracket

It just fits,

Once complete the multi LNB holder will be secure and it just needs the new LNB to be attached. Once in roughly in the right place, I returned up the ladder and re-fitted the LNB arm to the dish. What ensued was lots of head scratching as the skybox failed to find anything and kept rebooting. After removing the switch and changing the LNB it transpired that one of the new sat fly leads I made up had a short, so I replaced it and then with the help of a sat finder, found 19.2E. I then uploaded a channel list so the box knew to look for two LNB’s and used the skybox to blind scan the 19.2E LNB only and it populated with channels. Signal strength was around 60% which seems fine at the moment.

There is room on the bracket for another LNB and I may add one later…

Here is the DiSEqC swich that is attached to both LNBs and connects them to the receiver. I used ports 1 and 4 to give more space to wrap the cables with tape to prevent water ingress.

The dish fixings look covered in foam because they are, I applied a couple of coats of car cavity wax/protection wax to prevent rusting and to hopefully ensure the bolts will be easy to remove if needed later on. Cable ties to deter birds.

I will dump the channel list from the box and edit on a computer to remove any channels i’m not interested in and then update the list to the box. Its much quicker than trying to edit on the box with the remote. With the extra continental channels its like being on holiday.

Kit I Purchased – .

  • LNB switch DiSEqC 2.0 4 x 1 £3.75
  • 2 x Inverto 0.1db Black Eco Universal LNB £9.98 (x2 LNBs so I can add another if needed/desired)
  • Inverto Multi-LNB Holder £8.25

Total £21.98

  • Also needed x2 WF100 short runs to connect the LNBs to the switch and F plugs
  • Self Amalgamating tape
  • Silicone grease
  • Protection Wax – Tectane  PS697

Job done for now, but I might tweak it to ensure I am getting the best possible reception.