Free To Air Satellite Install

After seeing a review for a skybox f5 on the AVforums link, I decided I wanted some extra TV channels and more HD channels and a so following some purchases I had everything I needed (I also wanted a project):

  • Zone 2 sat dish with quad LNB £23.99 (I decided to get a larger zone 2 satellite dish as I had plans to add an additional 1 or 2 LNBs to the setup to receive more channels at a later date.)

The dish arrived with a Quad LNB

  • HD satellite receiver – Skybox f5 £51.99

  • 100m of wf100 sat cable, barrel connectors etc £33.00
  • x100 F connectors £6.99 (its much cheaper to buy lots!)
  • grid face plates  to mount sockets
  • F connector Grid Sockets – x2
  • Back box for sockets – I used a 42mm deep box
  • Silicone grease
  • Multiple colours of insulation tape so cables can be identified easily in the loft and outside

As I was feeding new coax through I added a run of cat5e and renewed the freeview cable, so I got these as well:

30m cat5e cable £16.25
cat5e grid socket
coax grid socket (for freeview)

These grid sockets are great, a double box provides x2 satellite, freeview and cat5e connectors.

Once a large hole in the wall had been made and the cables pulled through, the satellite dish fitted and the sockets mounted. Then the sky dish was adjusted to try to be looking in roughly the same direct as the neighbours. We then scanned and magically found astra 28E and the mass of channels flooded into the box.

I then downloaded AJsat’s channel list from digital kaos followed the instructions to upload it to the box to put the channels in some sort of order and ensure that I was getting everything.

This worked fine but after a couple days endlessly clicking through the mass of scrambled channels it became annoying so I used a channel editor to remove the scrambled ones and show just the free to air channels.

To do this I downloaded I used a channel update programme, selected and removed all the scrambled sky channels, I then added the relevant regional TV channels (eg: moved ITV London and added my regional ITV) and then rearranged the channel order to my taste, then added and removed a few items from the favourites.

Once complete I just saved the file to a waiting USB stick.

To load the new list onto the box I first backed up the current channel list and the current firmware just in case. Then inserted the new USB stick with my updated channel list, navigated to upgrade by USB. Changed the file type to misc, selected the file and pressed yellow to add, then pressed Green?/Blue? to update. After a few seconds the update was complete I restart the box and the channel list was be there.

Job done.