Installing A Monitor Mount

I had some spare IT kit and I thought it would be useful have a PC and monitor in the workshop.

I wanted to mount the monitor on the wall out the way, so I purchased the cheapest swivel monitor mount off ebay for about £7.

I was given an old pc minus a hard drive so I found one in the stores and then installed Xubuntu 14.04LTS which was all easy enough, added a £3 ebay usb wi-fi stick and a keyboard and mouse I had kicking about.

To mount it I decided to fix the bracket to a piece of 2×4″ then the 2×4″ to the wall, this will provide four fixings in the wall rather than two so should be more secure.

To begin, I took a piece of scrap 2×4, and bevelled the ends for aesthetics and marked where I wanted the 2×4″ to be fixed to the wall.

Then using a punch, I punched the marks to ensure I drilled in the correct location.

Once done, I drilled and countersunk the holes.

Then I moved on to the fixings for the monitor mount to the wood. For these I chose to use M8 Tee Nuts, will be very secure and enable the mount to be easily removed if needed.

Tee nuts mounted in the wood.

Then the 2×4″ was offered up to the wall, leveled and marked. I used brown wall plugs and 5x80mm screws with some no more nailes type adesive squeezed into the hole. To prevent the screws just pulling through the wood I used some small M6 washers on the screws. Round head screws would have done the job as well but I didn’t have any to hand. Once the 2×4″ was fixed I offered up the mount and fixed it.

The bolts were slightly longer than the wood so I marked the wall and drilled 2 recesses. I wanted to ensure that all the bolt was all the way through the tee nut to hold everything securely.

PC can be seen in the corner of this picture, a longer DVI cable will be needed to tidy the cables a little.

Seems to be holding very well!

Job done