Journey to go paperless and the Quest for a good scanner

In an attempt to digitise as much paper and other records to reduce clutter and make it easier to search for things I decided to get a sheet fed scanner and make a start.

First stop was to find a scanner, i decided I needed the following:

  • Ability to scan on the machine without the need for a PC
  • Colour scanner – that’s obvious right
  • ADF (auto document feeder) so I can load it up with paper and leave it to scan away, I do not want to feed in every single sheet manually
  • Ethernet or wifi connectivity
  • scan to jpg or pdf
  • ability to get working with linux without too much hassle
  • Scanning resolution of 600dpi
  • Less than £150

So my short (long) list:

  • dixie – portable and scans without a PC but its single sheet feed only
  • Fujuiti – look good but too costly for home use
  • epson – as above

Then I started to look more at all in one printers as the scanning resolution seems good enough and they are cheaper than just scanners, I guess as the printer manufactures make more so production costs are less and more-so they make lots of money from the ink cartridges so subsidise the machines 🙂

Then after looking through all the all in one printer offerings found this brother sheet scanner, a bit over the budget at £190, but ticks all the other boxes, so I ordered one.

So here it is:

Now to attack the mountain of paper scanning, I now have a scanning box and when it gets near full, I load up the tray and get it scanning. It scans quickly and the quality is great.

Now to find a shredder as burning all this stuff in a patio chimenea is a little odd……