PC Cooling Upgrading

So the garage pc was a little noisy so I decided to take a look to see why and try to reduce the noise a little. I was hoping to be able to use the stock cooler from my newer AMD chip which has previously been upgraded (Link). Case open and here it is, its a very old athlon pc but it runs the latest version of xubuntu fine. The CPU cooler looks clogged with dust.

Fan removed and it a wonder any heat is escaping, so I hoovered the heat sink to remove the dust.looking betterHere’s the old fan,And the new oneThe new one fitted and looking much better.Now I was going to stop there, but then I decided to replace the thermal paste on the heatsink as over time it dries out.So after a fashion, I removed the old heatsink and CPU in one as it was almost fused together so I gently separated the CPU and cooler. However when removing the CPU I managed to knock a couple of the pins on the cpu, so I had to carefully bend them back into place without damaging them. I was a little unsure it that was going to be the end of the CPU, but a bit of care aligning them back and being careful not to break any it did work again when it went back together (!).

So old heatsink removed and it was like caked old and not looking too good. However a couple of minutes with some isopropyl alcohol and it was cleaned up, I done the same to the CPU. Which then looked like this:and thisMX-2 Thermal Paste ready to applyApplied to the heatsink, I did not spread it out, just rely on the heatsink to spread it evenly when its clipped in.All fitted, much quieter and temps also much better. Job done.