Rechargeable Batteries

So after this happened:Which destroyed my wireless keyboard, I then checked some other devices found leaking Kodak cells in a fenix torch and leaking energizer cells in another torch, I decided to end this alkaline battery addiction and move over to low self discharge ni-mh rechargeable cells which won’t leak and corrode my devices and will be cheaper and better for the environment.So after some research I picked up some rechargeable IKEA cells (£4 a pack):and a charger:I chose this charger because it has four individual charging circuits so will stop charging an individual cell when its reached full charge and its a slow(ish) charger which from what I read is better for the cells (oh and also it was only £10 and has a good review here).

Then once all of those cells were distributed I bought some more cells this time Japanese Amazon cells, these are well regarded and should be slightly better than the IKEA cells. Again these are low self discharge cells so will retain most of their charge even after a year in storage.

The gold standard of rechargeable batteries (and people really get into batteries) appear to be Eneloop’s, but their expensive and the IKEA and amazon cells are cheaper and whilst maybe won’t last as long I don’t need exceptional performance.I checked the warranty of some battery manufactures and it appears only Energizer has a no leak guarantee but Varta when I emailed implied they would also replace leaking cells.

Both seem to be performing fine at present and with the IKEA cells only costing £1ea they are only need to be recharged a few times to recoup to initial outlay.