Second Bed Build

Following on from the last bed build (see part 1, part 2), I made a second one. This time a full UK double size rather than a UK small double. As it was a full double I again added the centre 2×4″ and also a centre leg for extra strength.Frame made in the same way as before, 4×1″ for the legs, 2×4″ for the frame and 1×4″ for the slats. Prior to assembly, I cut everything to size, sanded it and varnished with water based polyurethane (dries much faster than oil based).

Here is the extra centre leg – I would think the bed would be fine without it though.Same book¬†used as a spacer for the centre leg as the other four – before I used a scrap piece of 4×1″ but I forgot to pack any scrap. The legs are not in contact with the slats to hopefully eliminate squeak.Here’s a corner, you can see the leg is not resting on the slats.

I clamped the legs in place while fixing.Here is the centre leg – piece of 2×4″ at the bottom as a spacer.Clamped and fixed.Original plans from here – I amended them!

Job done.