Sony PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade

After a bit of ebay loitering I managed to pick up a cheap ps3 superslim 12gb console, mainly as i’ve never really bothered with gaming at all. Anyhow £75 later I had a PS3 which was barely used and arrived with some games. Then after a bit more ebaying I picked up a collection of second hand games cheaply which all arrived.

Then after getting some more games I ran out of space on the ps3, so instead of just buying a 2.5″HDD, I bought an SSD for the server (link) and then moved the 2.5″ 500gb Hitachi HDD from the server into the PS3.

I had to get a bracket for the HDD, so  £3ish later this arrived.

To add a new drive its very straightforward, lots of youtube videos but in short. Slide the right hand cover off.

2.5″ HDD and bracket

Fix the HDD to the bracket, slide the bracket in and secure with the provided screw. Then replace the plastic cover.

Then boot the ps3 and it should detect the new HDD and will ask to transfer the data from the internal memory on to the drive, I selected yes and the transfer took place which took a while.

Once complete the old 12gb flash is not accessible, the ps3 will only use one storage format. However if the hdd is removed it will revert back to the flash memory.

Anyhow now with plenty of storage space, I was then able to download some updates to games and install them. 

Job done.