Fitting a Record Vice

After months of two record plain screw vices sitting in the workshop, I finally got round to fitting one of them.

Fitted as follows, first I glued and screwed some 2×4″ to support the vice (I actually done this about six months ago).

Then flipped the bench over to make it easier to fit, marked up where I wanted the vice to fit. This made the job so much easier.

Next using a circular saw and a square clamped to the edge limits I made a series of cuts.

Then using a hammer and small prybar I removed the chunks, then belt sanded the surface.

Offering the vice up and marking where the fixing points were located. I used a punch to ensure I drilled in exactly the right place.

Then I drilled pilot holes upto 5mm and finally drove in the M10x70mm coach screws and M10 penny washers in with the impact driver.

These coach screws were great, super sharp and hold really well. They offer more than sufficient support and mean that the top workbench surface can be replaced without needing to remove the vice.

Next I just need to make an apron for the bench front.