Mechanical Keyboard Mod

I have joined the mechanical keyboard club and now have a CM storm Quickfire TK keyboard with cherry blue switches. Its a great keyboard and the mechanical switches make the process of typing much more pleasant and a little faster.

The keyboard can be ordered with different switch options, I have the blue switches, which has an audible click when the key stoke is actuated. They are a little noisy (in a good way) and more so as if you over press the key and they bottom out on the board. So to fix this double tap this I followed the o’ring mod which involves removing each key from the keyboard and adding an o’ring to the key then re-fitting. It takes a while but does soften the key after the actuation point is reached and makes them a little quieter.



PC Cooling Upgrading

So the garage pc was a little noisy so I decided to take a look to see why and try to reduce the noise a little. I was hoping to be able to use the stock cooler from my newer AMD chip which has previously been upgraded (Link). Case open and here it is, its a very old athlon pc but it runs the latest version of xubuntu fine. The CPU cooler looks clogged with dust.

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Server Build

I wanted a server for a while to take care of streaming music, streaming films, backup documents, photo storage, print server and anything else I need. I avoided the cheaper generally low powered NAS’s (I have a raspberry Pi that could do that) and decided to essentially build another pc to perform these tasks. It would be more powerful and offer more functionality. It will however cost more to run and take up more space. But I was happy with that.

Kit List

  • AMD APU A6-6400K (second hand)
  • MSI motherboard A88XM-E35 – FM2 socket
  • 4GB Generic RAM – now upgraded to corsair 1600mhz 4GB
  • 500gb Hitachi HDD – now upgraded to 120GB PNY Optima SSD
  • Silverstone SST-PS08W (with USB 3.0) case
  • 1tb data hard drive (see post here)
  • OS – Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS
  • BeQuiet 350w 80+ power supply
  • Pioneer BDC-207DBK Bluray drive
  • Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 rev.2 CPU cooler
  • Arctic mx2 thermal paste
  • Isopropanol alcohol (for cpu cleaning)

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Second Bed Build

Following on from the last bed build (see part 1, part 2), I made a second one. This time a full UK double size rather than a UK small double. As it was a full double I again added the centre 2×4″ and also a centre leg for extra strength.Frame made in the same way as before, 4×1″ for the legs, 2×4″ for the frame and 1×4″ for the slats. Prior to assembly, I cut everything to size, sanded it and varnished with water based polyurethane (dries much faster than oil based).

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Replacing a washing machine seal

Replacing a washing machine seal on a Bosch WAE24367GB/14

The seal on our washing machine either perished or something got caught up in it and so I was left with a large pool of water on the floor after a wash had completed. A bit of research followed and luckily it seemed easy enough to replace. Then I identified exactly which part number was required. Genuine part ordered and arrived for £30ish the real work started. I followed this youtube video, which although was for a different Bosch machine was basically the same.
Link to Video (no affiliation)

Here is the damaged seal:

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Fixing a Macbook Pro

How to try to and fix an old macbook pro with a broken hard disk and recover the data from it.

This macbook pro had boot issues, whereby it just displayed the spinning disc logo endlessly. So something was broken. This particular macbook pro has a couple of other ailments, one being the DVD drive – it does not work. So after a little searching online I copied over the mac installer DVD disc that came with the macbook to an 8gb USB stick.

I then booted the macbook pro from the usb stick by holding the option key on boot and selecting the usb drive. It booted to the installer screen.

I navigated to disk utility and tried to repair the internal HDD under first aid. This did not work. I was reluctant to re-format the disk to reinstall as there was data on the disc that was needed. So I attached a spare USB hard drive (reformatted to mac extended journalled) and selected to install Snow Leopard directly to it.

The installation took 30 minutes ish and installed fine.

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Fixing a Leak in a Corsa C

A common problem on Corsa’s is a leak in the passenger footwell, this surfaced when I noticed a bit of water on the carpet, then when I started driving it seemed to start pouring into the car, obviously sat in the engine bay and then slushed into the footwell when the car started moving. This is usually caused by a perished seal on the BCM cover. Quick and easy to fix and I did not find any need to disconnect the battery or the windscreen scuttle as there is just enough room if your careful

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