Installing A Monitor Mount

I had some spare IT kit and I thought it would be useful have a PC and monitor in the workshop.

I wanted to mount the monitor on the wall out the way, so I purchased the cheapest swivel monitor mount off ebay for about £7.

I was given an old pc minus a hard drive so I found one in the stores and then installed Xubuntu 14.04LTS which was all easy enough, added a £3 ebay usb wi-fi stick and a keyboard and mouse I had kicking about.

To mount it I decided to fix the bracket to a piece of 2×4″ then the 2×4″ to the wall, this will provide four fixings in the wall rather than two so should be more secure.

To begin, I took a piece of scrap 2×4, and bevelled the ends for aesthetics and marked where I wanted the 2×4″ to be fixed to the wall.

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D Link DIR615 Router running DD-WRT

Router D Link 615 – Hardware version D4 + DD-WRT

I wanted to find a router capable of running DD-WRT, this new firmware provides enhanced functionality over the standard stock firmware. Some Buffalo routers come with DD-WRT pre-installed but I struggled to find any nearby. So the search was on, I first looked for new routers and found a few from TP Link, but having had problems with some homeplugs (powerline adapters) I decided to keep looking and happened to find that D-Link DIR 615 cable routers would great with DD-WRT. These routers also happened to have been sent out by one of the big UK internet service providers meaning there are plenty on e-bay, still boxed and never used. So just under £9 later (inc P+P) I had a D-Link 615 (revision: D4) cable router.

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Replacing a washing machine seal

Replacing a washing machine seal on a Bosch WAE24367GB/14

The seal on our washing machine either perished or something got caught up in it and so I was left with a large pool of water on the floor after a wash had completed. A bit of research followed and luckily it seemed easy enough to replace. Then I identified exactly which part number was required. Genuine part ordered and arrived for £30ish the real work started. I followed this youtube video, which although was for a different Bosch machine was basically the same.
Link to Video (no affiliation)

Here is the damaged seal:

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Fixing a Macbook Pro

How to try to and fix an old macbook pro with a broken hard disk and recover the data from it.

This macbook pro had boot issues, whereby it just displayed the spinning disc logo endlessly. So something was broken. This particular macbook pro has a couple of other ailments, one being the DVD drive – it does not work. So after a little searching online I copied over the mac installer DVD disc that came with the macbook to an 8gb USB stick.

I then booted the macbook pro from the usb stick by holding the option key on boot and selecting the usb drive. It booted to the installer screen.

I navigated to disk utility and tried to repair the internal HDD under first aid. This did not work. I was reluctant to re-format the disk to reinstall as there was data on the disc that was needed. So I attached a spare USB hard drive (reformatted to mac extended journalled) and selected to install Snow Leopard directly to it.

The installation took 30 minutes ish and installed fine.

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Fixing a Leak in a Corsa C

A common problem on Corsa’s is a leak in the passenger footwell, this surfaced when I noticed a bit of water on the carpet, then when I started driving it seemed to start pouring into the car, obviously sat in the engine bay and then slushed into the footwell when the car started moving. This is usually caused by a perished seal on the BCM cover. Quick and easy to fix and I did not find any need to disconnect the battery or the windscreen scuttle as there is just enough room if your careful

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Replacing Car Boot Gas Struts

To avoid the car boot trying to injure me every time I opened the boot, I set about replacing the gas struts, its a quick and easy job, all that’s needed is slotted screwdriver, grease and the struts.

the struts are held in place with metal clips that just need to be removed. Then apply grease and push on the new struts. Make sure that the boot lid is supported when changing them over.

Job done.