Fixing a Macbook Pro

How to try to and fix an old macbook pro with a broken hard disk and recover the data from it.

This macbook pro had boot issues, whereby it just displayed the spinning disc logo endlessly. So something was broken. This particular macbook pro has a couple of other ailments, one being the DVD drive – it does not work. So after a little searching online I copied over the mac installer DVD disc that came with the macbook to an 8gb USB stick.

I then booted the macbook pro from the usb stick by holding the option key on boot and selecting the usb drive. It booted to the installer screen.

I navigated to disk utility and tried to repair the internal HDD under first aid. This did not work. I was reluctant to re-format the disk to reinstall as there was data on the disc that was needed. So I attached a spare USB hard drive (reformatted to mac extended journalled) and selected to install Snow Leopard directly to it.

The installation took 30 minutes ish and installed fine.

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