SD Card File Recovery

After a visit to Silverstone Classic I uploaded all the photos and then formatted the card in the camera. I totally forgot about videos that were also shot. So being none too hopefully I looked online for software to try to recover them. I use a sony camera which shoots in AVCHD Format.

First call was Recuva, this software worked fast and recovered all the photos but not the videos – I already had them.

Up next was EaseUS Data Recovery, this worked and found the video files but only 1gb can be recovered with the free version, these files were in excess of this so the search continued.

Then I tried PhotoRec, this open source software runs in the terminal and works great. It’s reasonably easy to use, good online guide here. I set the options to find any file except .jpg as I had them already, it took a long time to scan the card but found all the videos from the day and dropped them into a folder.

PhotoRec is available on windows and Linux and worked a treat, interesting to note that the Recuva software recovered lots more photos that I was expecting, photos over a year old where the camera had been formatted multiple times but obviously data had never been overwritten.

Anyhow videos recovered, job done.