Using a BT HomeHub 5 with Plusnet (or another ISP)

The BT HomeHub 5’s can be found on eBay for less than £30 and are reasonable cheap dual band router. I picked up a new BT Business HomeHub 5 for just £18, The business hubs are as far as I can tell the same hardware and offer a couple more features in the settings menu.

First thing to do is to check you have the ISP login details before you remove your old router then plug in the router in and connect it to a PC/Laptop preferably with an Ethernet cable. Then hold the reset button on the back until the unit reboots, once rebooted open a web browser and go to the hub manager page @

Once into the hub manager, go to settings, broadband and enter the plusnet (or other ISP) details:

Username -
Password - your plusnet password

Click connect and it should connect fine and job done. I then amended the wi-fi network name and passwords and changed the admin password to a stronger one.

The final thing to do is to turn off BT Wifi which if left on will create a new network for other BT customers to access your connection – even if on PlusNet. This is easy to turn off go to advanced settings, broadband, BT Wi-Fi and click disable. Then check on the home screen of the hub manager to confirm. I’m assuming this feature is as easy to turn off in a non-business hub.

Job done.

The unit has a usb port on the back and by plugging in a spare usb drive you can provide a network storage space accessible to all users of the network, which can be handy to share files between machines. No set-up required just plug in the drive.