New PSU for the Lepai Amp

So the little Lepai amp stopped working this week (original post here), after a bit of investigation which I originally assumed the amp has failed, but by swapping over the PSU for another one it appeared that the PSU had given up the ghost and not the amp.

What ensued was a quiet couple of days of quiet while waiting for the new PSU to arrive.I choose to upgrade the PSU to a 12v 5amp rather than 12v 2amp that I was previously using. The amp can work with both and will just draw the power it requires, some have concluded an improvement in sound quality when using a 5amp supply. The old was was a samsung one left over from an external hard drive and was already a couple of years old.

Anyhow hopefully this will last longer than 11 months!

Upgrading a PC Power Supply Unit

I had issues with an Antec High Current Gamer PSU, I had a spare and whilst it worked, it was noisy and not very efficient. So I got a BeQuiet 430w PSU to run my ubuntu PC.

Here it is unboxed:

I removed the temporary one and installed the new one…

Here is the back of the motherboard tray, I had an extension cable for the four pin CPU power so I could route it behind the tray to help airflow in the case.

Up and running fine and very quiet, the cables are not sleeved, but who cares it seems to be great so far…

Heres the link to the PC build post