Updating maps on a Garmin sat nav with OpenStreetMap

I recently got a new Garmin satnav (2569LMT-D) great sat nav with lifetime maps, lifetime trafic via DAB, 2 years speedcam updates and bluetooth.

Which then left the older Nuvi 50, I had planned to retire this old one with outdated maps, I could buy new maps from Garmin but if was more than half what I paid for the original unit. So after a bit of research I found OpenStreetMap and easily loaded new maps to the old satnav.

Choose maps here:


Once downloaded, unzip and copy over to an SD card in a folder called “map”.

Put SD card into satnav, wait to boot, settings, maps, untick the garmin one and leave the new one ticked. Sorted. I could have wiped the old maps and loaded directly to the internal memory but its so easy just to load from the SD card I didn’t bother.

Its still a slow satnav compared with the new one and doesn’t have the latest speed cam updates, traffic or bluetooth but handy as a backup.

to be clear – OpenStreetMap is opensource – these are not pirated maps

Wiki about OpenStreetMap here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_OpenStreetMap