Replacing a washing machine seal

Replacing a washing machine seal on a Bosch WAE24367GB/14

The seal on our washing machine either perished or something got caught up in it and so I was left with a large pool of water on the floor after a wash had completed. A bit of research followed and luckily it seemed easy enough to replace. Then I identified exactly which part number was required. Genuine part ordered and arrived for £30ish the real work started. I followed this youtube video, which although was for a different Bosch machine was basically the same.
Link to Video (no affiliation)

Here is the damaged seal:

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Washing micro fibre cloths

Car Detailing: Washing Micro Fibre Cloths

To keep microfibre cloths at their best  –

  • Wash as soon as possible after use
  • Use non-biological washing liquid (not powder) (at about half the recommended dose) without fabric conditioner
  • I also add soda crystals to soften the water and wash at 40 degrees on a delicate wash setting.
  • Air Dry or tumble dry and box up to keep clean

Don’t wash cloths/applicator pads used to apply Sealant such as FK1000p in a washing machine as the wash will not remove the sealant and will leave solvent residue inside the machine. Wash new micro-fibre cloths prior to use to remove any dust or grit.