Building an Ubuntu PC

I wanted to build my own pc and run linux that I have used on an HTPC for some time. This will be a cheap way into PC building and hopefully provide a good general use machine.

Kit List

  1. Case – NZXT source 210
  2. CPU – Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.8ghz
  3. Motherboard – with HDMI and DVI- Gigabyte B75
  4. RAM – 8GB Corsair 1600mhz (will run slower due to CPU)
  5. SSD – OCZ Agility 4 128GB
  6. HDD – WD Green 1tb from old external drive  (not yet fitted)
  7. USB Stick – for installing Ubuntu
  8. PSU – 80%+ – Antec High Current Gamer 400w – to be replaced by Bequiet 430w
  9. Speakers – Logitech x120
  10. Keyboard and mouse – have already
  11. Monitor – Dell 21” – have already
  12. 3.5” to 2.5” drive convertor – For SSD installing in a standard drive bay
  13. Optical Drive – Not needed this is 2012
  14. SATA cables

PC was quite straight forward, if you can assemble lego you should be fine with PC building! Installing the latest version of Ubuntu (12.10) from a USB Flash drive as I did not bother buying an optical drive. went well and everything was running well. I was unsure if the integrated graphics would be able to comfortably run the latest version of Ubuntu, but it is without issue. As an aside Ubuntu used to be a good way of adding a few years of life to an old PC, this is now not really the case now as it does need fair computing power to run smoothly.

I spent extra money on an SSD as it is I feel the most effective way to have a speedy PC, I could have stuck with a standard HDD and then spent extra on the CPU, but in practice for web surfing, word processing etc 2.8 dual core pentium is perfectly sufficient. The ultra quick boot-up time is brilliant  If I later feel I want to upgrade the CPU it won’t be a problem as its a 1155 socket board, so an i3 or i5 will work fine.

I got 8gb of RAM as its very cheap at the moment, as I at least in the immediate future will be relaying on integrated graphics a little extra RAM would not go a miss.

The motherboard, a Gigabyte B75 chipset, has SATA3 and USB3 as well as DVI and HDMI out. Its a well laid out board.

PSU, i originally bought an Antec High Current Gamer 400w, the one I got was faulty which caused no end of hassle trying to establish which component was at fault. This unit is a seasonic unit and meant to be good, not so in my experience. It will be changed for a Be Quiet 430 unit.

Additions, I bought a sharkroon silent 1000 eagle to replace the stock exhaust fan which was very noisy. Its not PMW controlled but is still very quiet.

Graphics card, I will be adding a graphics card soon as iplayer playback on a 1080×1220 monitor is a little blocky. Something like a GT210 should do the trick.

A new PC can be inexpensive!