USB extension cable

My USB flash drive died this week, as usual I plugged it into my PC and forgot about it for the day, then when it came to remove at I noticed it was at a weird angle. It had been knocked at some stage during the day and now the connector was at about a 30 degree angle. I hastily plugged it in again and it still worked, I gently bent the connector back to its correct position and it is still working (it will be replaced very soon!). So to avoid this in future I also got one of these:

and one of these:

A USB 2.0 extension cable (for the PC without USB 3.0) and a USB 3.0 extension dock (for the one that does). Hopefully this will prevent this happening again by keep the drive safely on my desk rather than preciously sticking out the front of my pc. The blue USB 3.0 dock was about £7 and the USB 2.0 cable £2. Much cheaper than a new flash drive!