Raspberry pi B+ and volumio

We spent Christmas with my parents and wanting to take some xmas music along, I decided to give volumio a go to setup a mobile/tablet/pc controlled music player with a raspberry pi.

Picture of the set-up


  • B+W Zeplin speaker dock (using the 3.5mm input)
  • Raspberry Pi model B+
  • music files located on Lexar usb stick in .flac format
  • SD card with the Volumio OS installed – download from here: http://volumio.org/
  • USB extension cable with cheap USB soundcard attached (extension cable as sound card is too bulky to fit next to the usb stick) – £2 or so from eBay
  • USB Wi-fi stick – digitazz
  • power supply for pi

The new B+ pi has an additional 2 USB ports, better power management and cable connections on only two sides.  Great for volumio as I needed 3 USBs (soundcard, music and wi-fi).

Testing with headphones

So once the OS is downloaded and imaged to the SD card, then installed in the pi and booted, just wait for it to load, I connected a monitor and wired network for set-up so I could quickly see the IP address allocated to it. To note you can’t access the OS interface via a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the Pi.

A minute of so later the OS was up and running, I then connected to the pi via entering the IP into a web browser, up came the interface and its a breeze to add tracks to a playlist. The sound card was quickly found and I easily swapped the output from 3.5mm to usb in the settings. Important to note that if the HDMI is attached then the sound will be sent to the TV/monitor, so unplug.

Next I added a wifi stick and entered the wifi password through the settings, the ethernet could then be unplugged, I then rebooted and attached to a B+W Zeppelin and the Christmas music flowed.

job done,


New pi B+ – upgrades over model B here: