Replacing a washing machine seal

Replacing a washing machine seal on a Bosch WAE24367GB/14

The seal on our washing machine either perished or something got caught up in it and so I was left with a large pool of water on the floor after a wash had completed. A bit of research followed and luckily it seemed easy enough to replace. Then I identified exactly which part number was required. Genuine part ordered and arrived for £30ish the real work started. I followed this youtube video, which although was for a different Bosch machine was basically the same.
Link to Video (no affiliation)

Here is the damaged seal:

The door catch was rived to the front, requiring the door catch wiring to be unplugged which is different from the video.

Everything removed ready to begin the refit, I left the concrete in place and had enough room.

Really important to refit this tube as it is the water feed for the rinse cycle: 

Took an hour or so working slowly, and carefully labelling which screws went  in yoghurt pots (see below) as some screws are stainless some not.

One rinse cycle checking for leaks and then a few washes later all seems to be OK. Job done.