Cheap Simple Workbench – Every House Needs One! Part 2

Making a Workbench Part 2

Making a Workbench Part 1 is here, Part 3 here, completed (almost) picture here tools lists here and final finishing here.

I first started by marking up the long sides with four marks to provide a fixing point for the legs and marking four points on the shorted sides – 2 to attach to the sides and 2 to attach to the legs. I marked this up on a template to speed the process up, then piloted drilled and countersunk the holes.

Then I used the MDF as a rudimentary workbench clamping the wood to checking everything lined up and that my measurements were correct.

I marked and pilot drilled and countersunk, then applied plenty of glue and drove 2 screws in.

I fixed four sides with two screws each and then added two ribs to the top to improve strength. All glued, clamped and secured with 5x80mm screws. The MDF top is not fixed to the frame, it just serves as a flat worktop at this stage.

Then onto fixing the legs to the workbench top. Applying lots of glue and clamping well then using x2 5x80mm screws.

And securing with four 5x60mm screws on this side.

Then I was left with this