Cheap Simple Workbench – Every House Needs One! Part 3

Making a Workbench Part 3

Making a Workbench Part 1 is here, Part 2 here, completed (almost) picture here, tools lists here and final finishing here.

Now moving on, I marked up the shorter lower stretchers

Then applying plenty of glue I clamped the longer lower stretchers

And screwed in with 5x60mm screws to secure

On the front side the lower stretcher was fixed to the inside.

Then I flipped the workbench and laid on the MDF.

Then Marking up the MDF shelf cut-outs

Cut out with handsaw

The shelf now fitted.

Just need now to screw down the shelf and top. I will use 5x60mm screws for the top and 42mm drywall screws for the bottom shelf.